It’s hot in this kitchen! We’re enjoying 5 x exciting renovation challenges this month!

1. Exploring the ROI of a short term holiday home makeover of a gorgeous historic country cottage with a long-term strategy of a subdivision, holiday home additions, and actual house.

2. A makeover to stay for a 1980’s townhouse on the North Shore, new owners who have purchased and want to ‘make it their own’.

3. A stunning large home with expansive views with the same strategy, but a totally different architectural approach, catering for young ones through to the late teen years (and they might never go with this makeover!).

4. A real estate office, about to burst into their wonderful custom renovation with their expanding business.

5. And about to commence, what I know will be a stunning renovation for one of the most exquisite North Shore homes I have ever seen…

6. Something exciting is happening in the next couple of weeks!

Watch for our updates as they happen!