In May this year, the New South Wales Business Chamber (NSWBC) revealed the list of regional finalists for the annual NSWBC Business Chamber Awards 2017. One of the names had also been a regional finalist in 2015 under the Business Leader category: Belinda Grundy.

A member of the Mona Vale Chamber of Commerce, Belinda has taken an active role in the Northeastern Sydney’s property market by helping vendors and Real Estate professionals through property makeover. A primary service offering, property makeover has been the key to many homeowners achieving their goal to complete an efficient sale and to maximise sale profits.

Reflecting on the recognition, Belinda surmises that the secret to this milestone lies on her business framework.

Every business puts their customers first. It’s a given if a business is to thrive. But what differentiates Belinda’s customer service orientation is her focus on unspoken needs. Much like a Real Estate Agent asking her clients about what kind of home they envision, Belinda goes about asking clients how they feel about their home.

Where some clients hesitate, others willingly open up, offering long-hidden emotions about their home experience. Most often, clients confide that they don’t like inviting guests over because of their home’s appearance. Others reveal that they don’t particularly enjoy living in a dated home. Others say their home is not marketable.

This level of honesty serves as the trigger that puts the entire property makeover project into motion. With the feelings of vendors about their property, Belinda starts the projects by doing an initial appraisal. A critical phase, the initial appraisal is key to uncovering the hidden gems of a property. By uncovering these hidden gems, value can be potentially added to the property.

Following the initial appraisal, Belinda now coordinates the property makeover project, taking the load off from vendors who often find this phase stressful and daunting.

Armed with these recognitions – and many others she’s been bestowed for the past 10 years – Belinda is now ready to take one additional step to leadership: soon!